About Us

Dupont Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized July 24th, 1883 in the Town of Dupont by a group of thirty farmers for the purpose of providing fire and lightning insurance protection that otherwise was mostly unavailable or too expensive. They pledged their farms to a value in excess of 25,000.  $25,000 was the minimum 'reserve' to start a Town Mutual at that time.

Fire insurance protection was all that was sold.  Agents were elected to serve three townnships: Dupont, Union and Larrabee in Waupaca County.  At first only farms, rural dwellings and personal property could be insured.  The company records were kept in the secretary's home.

Since that time, much has changed.  For one thing, the name of the company has changed to Dupont Mutual Insurance Company.  The shortened name better reflects the expanded coverages the company now writes.  Through 135 years of slow steady growth, Dupont Mutual now offers expanded property and casualty insurance coverage to customers in 16 counties in northeastern Wisconsin.

Even though Dupont Mutual has grown considerable over the years, its basic philosophy remains the same: remain a competitive cooperative business; remain non profit and operate only for the benefit of its policy holders.