Financial Stability

Dupont Mutual follows the investment guidelines developed by the office of Insurance - Wisconsin for the Town Mutuals.  The companies investment policy for all assets is conservative and investment income is steady and safe.

The company is a member of PMIC (Policyholders Mutual Insurance Company).  This is a policyholder solvency protection fund setup to protect policyholders in the event a member town mutual does not have enough assets to pay all claims at the time it is liquidated.  The company is liable for up to a 2% assesment of the company's prior year's gross written premium.

Dupont Mutual utilizes a conservative reinsurance program to protect itself from catastophic loss exposure and minimizes the effects of large loss claims made against it.  Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation has been our sole reinsurance provider for the past 35 years.

We retain $10,000 of each liability loss.  All remaining liability loss is covered by Casualty Excess of Loss reinsurance.

Property loss risk to the company is reduced by our purchase of a reinsurance contract with several protectiong layers.  An aggregate excess of loss limit restricts the amount of loss to policy holder surplus.  Other layers of reinsurance also limit loss to surplus and premium.

All of the above account for a high level of security making Dupont Mutual a very safe, reliable and stable place to trust with your property and casualty insurance protection needs.